Tcode To Display Rebate Agreement

A copy of an agreement can be saved first as an agreement, as an agreement with preview first, as an agreement request, or as a requirement for an agreement with preview. Reference 1 is the reference type of the agreement when copying an agreement. The reference type is selected on the Copy Agreement tab in the Master Data section. The objective is used to assign certain objectives to an agreement. The objective explains the purpose of the agreement itself. One of the objectives could be, for example, to “gain market share” or “become the sole supplier”. 2. Next, create a discount agreement for this T code UST VB01. For the type of discount agreement, you can choose either 0001, there you can check all the types of conditions of the agreement To see all the records that belong to this agreement, click the button. To view additional data about the dataset of a single record, select the check box next to the record and click the required buttons above and below the records. The Notes tab contains notes placed on the selected chord.

The total amount shall indicate the total amount reserved or planned for the Fund. If the validity period of the agreement is maintained en masse, it is not possible to manually change the duration of the contract. It can only be modified by automatically updating the “Valid from” and/or “Valid to date” changes. b. for the type of invoicing (in the IMG > invoicing > processing of discounts > active processing of discounts > select supporting documents for the processing of discounts. ) The grid on the Rule Overview tab is used to summarize all available combinations of condition type and condition table available for the selected agreement type. This unique combination is also called a price sheet. The button is used to check the overlap rules. This ensures that multiple agreements do not have the same rules for the same data. This can be configured as a warning or an error.

The cheque can be picked up if necessary or upon check-in. b. On the Billing tab, the payer must be marked as a discount item To maintain/view the price list, you can use the /IRM/GPBM TCode. This allows you to navigate to the workbench of the price book. The button displays the allowed business incidents associated with the status profile, i.e.: “release agreement”, “block agreement” or “Only allowed for planning/simulation”. In addition to the configuration, some additional business improvements are needed. There are some activity improvements made available in advance. Once the alarms have been triggered, they remain inactive in the system until they are processed. . .


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