Seiu Local 73 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Julio Bautista, a UIC building technician and member of SEIU Local 73, told Liberation News that he was on strike to ensure a living wage for all workers and maintain union work on campus. The wages of local workers have not risen at a rate equivalent to the rising cost of living in Chicago, so many are struggling to stay afloat amid extremely volatile economic conditions during a global pandemic. The union has the right to invite the members of the tariff unit to begin the payment of dues immediately after the light of the election, and the Union is the exclusive representative of the negotiators. However, a union can wait and often do so until a collective agreement is ratified before it starts collecting dues. Among the provisional agreements concluded by SEIU Local 73 and the UIC administration are: as far as we know, SEIU Local 73 has never obtained a collective agreement on behalf of the faculty members of a university or university. Other seiu field offices have organized on behalf of faculty members elsewhere in the country. Currently, program directors have direct responsibility for assigning the courses taught to qualified students on a semester-specific level. There are many long-standing relationships with part-time faculties that could be changed due to the representation of the Union. In the case of a union, all terms and conditions of employment, including how faculty members are assigned to classes, are discussed at the bargaining table. Loyola and the Union are negotiating working and employment conditions in good faith and all negotiated conditions could remain the same, change, increase, reduce or abolish. The ability of program directors to select faculties may be reduced or compromised.

“I`m thrilled with everything we`ve accomplished – we`ve won in so many ways,” said Lavitta Steward, program collaborator and member of the local SEIU 73 bargaining committee. “The university had no respect for our union for this contract. The university did not expect us to unite and come together. The university tried to divide us into referees. But what they were doing unites us, they made us strong, they gave men the courage to fight for themselves and for each other. We are not lightly recovered, and this is an amazing victory for us. Recent strikes by SEIU Local 73 and the Illinois Nurses Association have led to a victory for UIC and University of Illinois hospital workers. After dozens of negotiation sessions, the INA, which represents more than 1,300 nurses, launched a seven-day strike on September 12. More than a year of failed contract negotiations, nearly 4,000 SEIU Local 73 UIC workers began two days later, in solidarity with the INA, a 10-day strike against unfair labor practices and demanded that the UIC “respect, protect and pay us.” SEIU Local 73 employees from all UIC campuses offer a number of services to students and patients, from building technicians and hospital staff to occupational therapists and people who work with children with special needs. . . .

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