What Is Commonly Found In Rental Housing Agreements

A poorly written agreement can be misinterpreted, lead to disagreements and fail in court. Make all the points easy to understand and add an additional explanation for anything that could be misinterpreted. Leave a place for the landlord and tenant to parar each section. For certain types of rental (sometimes called operated or wet rentals), the fee may be calculated from the rental fee + timesheets of the operators or drivers provided by the rental company to operate the equipment. This is particularly relevant for crane rental companies. There will certainly be a requirement to have a driver`s license, and only drivers listed in the contract can be allowed to drive. It may include an option to purchase car insurance (car insurance, UK) if the renter doesn`t already have a policy to cover rents – another important consideration for many drivers. Some agencies may even require a deposit, which is payable if the car is not returned in order, often in the form of a credit card authorization – invalid if the car is returned by agreement. A renter must be informed that he is responsible for parking violations or traffic that occur on the vehicle during the rental period. There should also be advice on how to deal with thefts, accidents, breakdowns and towing. .

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