Quebec Canada Immigration Agreement

The enforcement committee meets twice a year or, if necessary, more frequently. Its mandate is to coordinate the ongoing implementation of the agreement and to develop the necessary conditions for the operation of the agreement. Federal and Quebec governments use the implementation committee to discuss proposed changes to their policies and legislation and to update common operational directions for the immigration program. Canada remains responsible for national standards and objectives for immigration, welcoming all immigrants, and welcoming and controlling visitors. Immigrant admission involves the application of crime, safety and health criteria, as well as administrative processing of applications and physical admission to Canada at ports of entry. Quebec is responsible for the selection, reception and integration of immigrants in Quebec. Canada undertakes not to welcome an independent immigrant or refugee who does not meet Quebec`s selection criteria (with the exception of the decision on refugee applications from the national territory) to Quebec. AND CONSIDERING that the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec wish to conclude a new agreement inspired by the Cullen-Couture Agreement, in order to provide Quebec With new ways to preserve its demographic importance in Canada and to ensure the integration of immigrants to Quebec in a way that respects Quebec`s unique identity; The amount paid to Quebec for comparison and language services cannot be reduced according to the formulas established under the agreement (although they are subject to mutual agreement). This means that if the amount available for settlement generally decreased (or would increase less than government spending), Quebec would continue to receive its base amount of $90 million, as enhanced by the escalator clause.

In the 2012-13 to 2016-17 fiscal years, the grant granted to Quebec under the agreement was presented in Table 2. However, the provincial Immigration Department said its 2021 targets included a rebalancing plan “with the reception of 7,000 additional people who represent the deferral of some of the registrations that were not met in 2020 due to the health crisis.” The comprehensive agreement, signed in 1991, was preceded by similar agreements with other provinces such as British Columbia and Manitoba. [Citation required] As part of this agreement, selected candidates will receive a certificate of selection from Quebec. Immigrants who settle can be invited by the Quebec provincial government to send their children to French-language schools. Citizenship and Immigration Canada issues the visa itself after a thorough review and health.

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