Waste Treatment Agreement

CiwM, in collaboration with Clarkslegal LLP, developed this model for a waste management contract or agreement. This should give rise to clear and consistent information about contracts and the tendering process. The waste industry and resource management sectors that are included are waste collection and disposal, household waste recycling and recycling centres (or CA sites) and treatment. CONSIDERING that Larkspur needs access to a fixed landfill to serve its inhabitants; and considering that Westlock is prepared to provide such a website to Larkspur, and this waste management agreement (“agreement”) is concluded on May 5, 2009 (“effective date”) between Republic Services of Southern California LLC, a limited liability company located in Delaware (“Republic”) and the City of Redlands (“City”). The Republic and the City are sometimes referred to individually as “party” and together as “parties” on this issue. CET ACCORD is between Waste Corporation of America, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (`customer`) and WCA Waste Corporation, a Delaware Corporation (`WCA`) on October 3, 2005, for the disposal of non-hazardous construction and demolition waste from the client. For the purposes of this agreement, refer to “customer” include any subsidiary of the client that owns or operates a transfer station in the State of Florida, and references to WCA include each of WCA`s subsidiaries that own a landfill in the State of Florida. This ACCORD will be concluded on This Day of October 2018 between BLADEN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINE (hereafter referred to as “customer”) and SAMPSON COUNTY DISPOSAL, INC., a North Carolina company (hereafter referred to as “SCDI”). Contractual terms are considered only as standard conditions. Neither Clarkslegal LLP nor the CIWM can guarantee that they are appropriate for certain circumstances. Individual advice from legal counsel should therefore be obtained before using the terms of the contract or part of it. County Authorization Date: March 24, 2009 City Authorization Date: County Notice Address: DirectorOC Waste – Recycling300 N.

Flower Street, Suite 400 Santa Ana, CA 92703 City Notice Address: THIS WASTE DISPOSAL AGREEMENT is made and dated as of the date page hereof between the County of Orange, a political subdivision of the State of California (the “County”), and the party designated on the cover page of this Agreement , a company that operates a transfer station (as defined here) in the county (the “Facility Operator”). All border materials delivered to Green Vision Recycling Pikes Point are limited to clean materials, in the sense of a material that has no negative effect on humans and the environment when released into the environment. This includes: natural materials such as clay, soil and rock, and other inert materials such as concrete and brick, or mixtures of one of the above.

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