Uk Theatre Mu Agreement

The conditions set out in this agreement are the minimum conditions for musicians working in theatres in a part of the United Kingdom run by members of the UK Theatre or whose production director responsible for making the orchestra available is a member of the UK Theatre. This agreement excludes all musicians working under agreements between MU and opera and dance companies as well as in London`s West End, which is in accordance with the terms of the SOLT/MU agreement. Mu regularly organizes campaigns on relevant musical and industrial themes. Recent campaigns have included protests outside theatres in response to the use of phonograms in shows where live music has been promoted, and the anti-pay-to-play campaign, a theme that continues to touch the live music scene, especially at the grassroots. This latest updated agreement came into force in April 2017 (updated in January 2019) OVERTURE, a new streaming platform that is revolutionizing content sharing between theatre producers and UK Theatre hosts is pleased to welcome OVERTURE into the affiliate partner. This new streaming platform allows content creators to share their performances with participating animators, allowing them to “book” a digital season with professional productions from around the world. Producers and moderators shared revenues from ticket sales, expanding their reach to a new audience while supporting each other. SOLT/UK Theatre and Equity Creatives Agreements (Designer, Directors and Choreographers) – COVID-19 Variation Agreement SOLT/UK Theatre and Equity collaborated to agree on a variation of the agreements for set designers and costume designers, lighting designers, choreographers and directors, designed to support the recovery of the industry and give members more confidence if they want to attract creative collaborators for future productions in these uncertain times. Apart from the conditions mentioned in the document, all other conditions remain, as stipulated in the relevant agreements.

If you wish to join the Theatre Section Committee, we will be requesting nominations to the 2020-2022 committee early next year. Design the future of the agreement and your working conditions. The UKT-MU agreement is available in PDF format and includes: Founded in partnership between the Tony Award® award-winning producers GFour Productions, who collected 23 tony® nominations for their joint shows last month, OVERTURE is currently with affiliate theatres across North America. With its introduction in the UK, OVERTURE offers UK content organisations and creators a unique opportunity to showcase their digital content in new international territories and take advantage of the platform`s technology and security to broadcast their own live or recorded shows to customers.

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