Reunification Therapy Agreement

4. Forms filled out “consent to disclosure of confidential information” for your individual therapist, if you have one, your child`s therapist, if he has one, and for any lawyer involved, if any (therapeutic updates sent to lawyers). A link to the consent form can be find below. Please, if you are considering recruiting me or appointing me as a rehabilitation therapist and you are represented by a lawyer, please share the contents of this page with your lawyer and anyone else who will assist you in your case, para. B, for example, a child lawyer, parenting coordinator, on-call assessor or therapist working with a family member. For this therapy to be successful, the experts involved must agree to work together to help children have a healthy relationship with both parents. I am working on a judge`s order ordering parents to be in family integration therapy and appointing me as a therapist. I accept only cases where children are already on parental leave with both parents, or there is a progressive parenting plan that begins with the current education period (including none) and contains incremental measures towards restored educational time (the common educational calendar that will be available after successful work in family therapy). The following resources include a guide for parents who wish to establish or re-establish a relationship with their children, an expert book in resistance denial dynamics that describes systemic contributors and specific steps each parent can take to help with reparation and healing, a documentary in which real families describe the long-term effects of broken relationships between children and parents. , and an instrument for measuring progress in cases of resistance with measures for each parent and for children. You can scan the documents and email them or fax them to 317-993-3452. Of course, the mail of snails is always an option. 3.

A list of all family members (parents or children) who see a psychiatric specialist with the name and telephone number of this professional. Before making an appointment, I must receive and verify the following documents and information: 6. Please check (but do not sign yet) the reunification therapy contract or the co-parenting advice contract (depending on what is valid) and bring it to the first meeting. The link to the form is below. I am prepared to charge for insurance in these cases if it is clinically supported. Please contact me if you would like to explore this option. This work requires that each parent and children study and change beliefs, emotional reactions and behaviours to support treatment goals. You must be prepared to make changes to make this work a success. I propose a monthly, relieved, psycho-pedagogical and peer support group to parents who have been separated from their children or who have shortened the time because the children oppose contact with them or refuse to contact them, usually after separation after their parent.

Contradicted parents are at risk of significant increases in anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and other stressors. The group should help parents in the same situation support each other while they participate in the family reintegration process. Participation in the group is limited to my clients. If you are the contradicted parents and you are interested in joining the group, let me know.

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