Promise Agreement Fullerton College

For more information on the North Orange Promise Program at Fullerton College, visit The NOCE Anaheim Pledge Program is for Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) for seniors interested in college. Anaheim Pledge students receive resources, individual care, course-free courses and transition assistance to Cypress College (CC) or Fullerton College (FC). These appointments are reserved for new first-year students! “Our Promise program not only eliminates some of the financial burden for students, but also provides guided entry support during their time at university, improved registration, summer orientations and ongoing services throughout their journey as Fullerton College students,” said Deniz Fierro, Special Project Manager of the Promis Program at Fullerton College. NOCCCD, which includes Cypress College, Fullerton College and North Orange Continuing Education, cares for more than 85,000 students in 12 local cities where more than 70% of students cannot afford to go to university and must apply for some kind of financial assistance. The North Orange Promise intends to overcome financial barriers to ensure that the benefits of college education for students of all backgrounds remain available. The NOCE Anaheim Pledge Program is designed to change students` lives by providing them with the opportunities and support they need to successfully achieve their education and career goals. For NOCE, this means ensuring that students achieve a high school diploma or career technical certificate (CTE) after graduation, the Anaheim Pledge program guarantees all seniors who are eligible for at least two years without a course, while they move on to their next educational goals at NOCE, Fullerton College or Cypress College. First beginners who participated in their first year of the North Orange Promise program in the 2019/20 academic year will be eligible for a second year of free instruction for the 2020-21 academic year. First-year students starting in the fall of 2020 at Fullerton College will be entitled to two years of free teaching. Starting in the spring of 2021? Students will sign the agreement promised in December during early spring (see leaflet below with details). 3.

Confirm that you are a new university student for the first time Sign the Promised Agreement to officially become a promised student at Fullerton College! If your last advisor has made a multi-member SEPP available, you don`t have to make an additional appointment. To stay in the program, students must, as expected, meet with their advisors, develop a registration plan and follow 30 semester units (or quarter equivalent) in a university year, including the summer. Participating campuses can also set other requirements. 4. Answer, if you have completed fullerton College online orientation (see step above) “NOCCCD is so proud to be able to offer our students up to two years of excellent graduate studies without tuition fees,” said Dr. Cheryl Marshall, Chancellor of the North Orange County Community College District. “We`ve seen first-hand what our amazing students can do if they are supported in the right way.” Under the program, students who meet the requirements for participation can benefit from a full free tuition and health care for up to two years.

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