Rainy Afternoon

RainyThe clouds had an ultramarine blue hue, and with the first raindrops I realized that this was no ordinary storm: the rain falling from the sky was salty.

I closed my eyes for a minute and felt like I was standing on a beach.  But when I opened them again the city’s lights reminded me that I was witnessing something unusual…

Suddenly I saw a fish swimming down amongst the raindrops.  I followed it with my eyes until a second fish appeared higher still and my eyesight went to the skies.  Up high I saw all kinds of marine animals: fish, dolphins and calamari, and even a gigantic blue whale.

Drop by drop, the city’s streets transformed into an ocean.

I saw my neighbor coming back from the market sailing on top of her umbrella.  Farther away some teenagers started surfing with improvised wooden boards.  I even saw –near the horizon– a ship with a Jolly Roger on its mast.

But just as it all began, the skies started clearing up, and the rain stopped.

The only reminder of what had happened was a couple of fish still swimming in a puddle that smelled like the sea.

©2009 Santiago Casares