The Four Agreements Yoga

In 2000, I began my first of several years of shamanic learning in the Toltec Eagle Night Lineage by Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the legendary The Four Agreements. Today, almost 18 years later, these four small agreements mean as much, if not more than ever. They proved to be much more numerous than the words that make up them; These are small bundles of deep wisdom that continue to grow and reveal themselves over the years. If we make assumptions, whether it`s yoga or meditation or someone`s motivation to do something, there`s a good chance we`ll do it wrong, either put ourselves in a box, put someone else in a box, or just create a lot of unnecessary drama. It`s a tough pose for most of us. Ask yourself first what it`s like to be in it. Check if another version, as it usually seems, is useful to consider what your body needs right now. Sometimes the floor is easily accessible to your lower arm, and if not, if we recognize this without judgment, it can lead to surprising satisfaction. If the ground looks far away, use a block for extra support. That`s why there are yoga blocks (and yoga accessories in general) . . . to support us! Play with the simplest version of the pose first.

Note the adjustments you want to make in this pose and where you feel resistant to change. Ask me why. It might be refreshing to listen to the real answer . . . and he will certainly be able to be physically blameless with your word. Let`s open them up a little bit. Well, if you`re a ballpoint pen reader, as I often am, you can miss this sentence because you have the quick list in fat and you`re good to go and process, then go buy this book! If you stayed with me, you will find below a brief summary of each of these agreements and my reflection on Don Miguel Ruiz`The Four Accords written in the style of “Leanne”. Any practice we commit to will be the way we live our lives. Yoga was the teacher who first changed my life dramatically, and Don Miguel Ruiz`s spiritual help book The Four Agreements was the second.

Both have changed the whole way I look at others and myself. The four agreements have certainly changed the way I practice asana. Breaking a yoga pose through these four chords was the greatest growth spurt of yoga I`ve ever seen. Any agreement is simple, but extremely demanding. But isn`t that true for all the disciplines that are worth persecuting? If you are not yet aware of the four agreements, these are principles that establish a code of conduct based on Toltec`s wisdom. The Toltec Trail educates us to abandon beliefs and stories that are false and that do not serve us, which leads us to love, happiness and ultimate freedom. To do this, as a yoga practitioner, I have seen how these chords can be used in the way I see and practice yoga.

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