Tacoma School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

And she said the borough would start a late start one day a week from next year. This means that school starts an hour later on this day of the week. Voelpel said that a number of schools already have their own occasional late departure days and that the county wants to coordinate this so that there is more predictability for families. The county is asking families to conduct a survey of the school calendar. Last year, Tacoma public schools were delayed by a teachers` strike that lasted more than a week. This year, the county and the educators` union agreed long before the school began. “We are pleased that the tone of the negotiations has remained positive throughout the process,” Voelpel said in an email. “Through this competition agreement, we can recruit, train and retain the best teacher in the region.” Last week, Morton and Voelpel said the negotiations went smoothly. This is unlike last year when Tacoma was one of a record number of school districts where educators were on strike amid disputes with district officials over the use of additional state resources. Lawmakers had authorized the money to end mcCleary`s long-standing school funding action. Tacoma educators had already agreed on a 3% pay increase this school year.

Under the new contracts, they will receive an increase of about 3.5 percent over the next school year and 5 percent the following year, said Angel Morton, president of the union. Some of the wage increases will come from state-funded cost-of-living increases, said district spokesman Dan Voelpel. The Tacoma Education Association reached an interim agreement with .m the district at 3:33 a.m. on Wednesday, the union said in a Facebook post. MPs gathered later in the afternoon to vote. The certified contract was signed with 89 percent, the contract for office professionals and technical staff with 95 percent. The new collective agreement contains a number of points that go beyond compensation. Morton said the borough had agreed to reduce the K-3 class size of one student per class this school year and one student per class the following year. Local 483 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (Clerical Unit) Local 160 International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (General Unit) “Our members were delighted. They were anxious to vote,” she said. We`ve had an overwhelming pass rate, and people are of course looking forward to compensation. Local 17 PROTEC (Professional and Technical Employees) Local 26 Tacoma Police Management Association (Captain and Lieutenant) “The association is delighted because it will finally create a space for our teachers to work with their colleagues and spend a little more time focused with their colleagues and do the things we know they enrich the classroom environment for children,” Morton said. Educators in Seattle also approved a three-year contract this week.

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