Service Level Agreement Voorbeelden

A realistic ALS provides clarity and protects both the customer and the service provider. Commitments are narrowly defined and therefore easy to control, avoiding differences of opinion. The consequences of not having a level of service or service can be negotiated freely. In addition, ALS is essential when outsourced IT services are essential to the customer, for example. B in the financial or health sectors, where continuity of service is a priority, including outsourcing. An agreement on the level of service must be subject to rigorous legal review. One of the reasons for the risk that fines will not be properly formulated or that restrictions on the exercise of rights will not be imposed by the treaty or by law. ALS clearly indicates clear composition, responsibilities and expectations, so that in the event of a problem with the service, neither party can avail itself of ignorance. It ensures that both parties understand the requirements in the same way. Any contract of greater importance without associated ALS is open to intentional or accidental misinterpretation.

The ALS protects both parties to the agreement. Ideally, ALS should be tailored to the technology or business objectives of the task. Measuring performance indicators is important to be able to evaluate the service on the basis of facts. These key performance indicators (KPIs) can be quite technical. The performance of a core IT infrastructure can be measured using SNMP. The result is reports on utilization, capacity and trends. Corporate network management tools offer more than just trade shows: they offer alarms and full reports, reducing reaction and repair times. See also article: Optimizing availability. 18 5.2 Structure Level Frequency Who Subject Contract Management semi-annual Contract Management Client> and changes to BE to SLA and the associated consequences for the transfer of service From Assignment Manager to Assignment Manager Client> ProgressReport of the agreed level of service on a weekly monthly weekend management version to the project manager client> aggregation of portfolio classification information (incidents) , incidents Changes, projects) in accordance with the agreements.

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