Linkage Agreement Template

NOTE: Models of different types of liaison agreements are provided only in the form of guidelines and proposals. The user interface strives to respond sensitively to the cultural and legal concerns of partner institutions, which may require adapting these models to specific needs. At the same time, IU programmes, colleges and departments are strongly encouraged to develop all new liaison agreements with the cooperation of international programmes to ensure that the legal and other interests of the IU are also taken into account. In exceptional cases, where a potential partner requires it, an IU unit may apply for approval of a general agreement, a joint agreement or a similar document that does not specify the actual activities. It is presumed that the partner makes the document available; Therefore, DIE IU does not offer a model. These documents must have a duration, usually one or two years, reflecting a realistic time frame for a subsequent agreement that formalizes the terms of a given activity (or activity). This subsequent agreement will take over from the general agreement. In short, the agreement must ensure an adequate return on investment if the agreement includes financial and/or human commitments. It must also merit the support of all appropriate MU leaders and must be subject to careful programmatic and legal verification before it can be approved and signed. This model can be used for certain collaborative projects, programs or activities that do not involve exchanges between faculties and students or alternating degrees.

a. General agreements should be valid for a period of three years from the effective date and may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties before the expiry date of the expiry date. A particular MOA generally remains effective during the period required to complete a project or a number of projects. An international liaison agreement must be consistent with the objectives of the unit or entities participating in the agreement. Knowledge of the international priority of the proposed unit and the university is important before moving towards the development of an agreement. To determine if the IU has an existing primary partnership contract, browse the registration or check out the list of key partners. GT wants to establish relationships with high-level international institutions to facilitate academic exchanges and other cooperation activities. Most of these partnerships are initiated by individual faculty members. Most agreements fall into one of the following categories: the maximum duration of this agreement is five years and can be renewed if it is shown that a balanced activity is demonstrated during this period. The purpose of this manual is to provide progressive guidelines and procedures for the planning, initiation, evaluation and revision of these agreements. Ideally, the MU would have agreements with all the international institutions with which we wish to cooperate. This manual provides a useful and practical work reference and a framework for faculty, staff and teaching units that consider collaborative research, teaching, faculty and student exchanges, joint and non-graduate programs, training programs and/or other vocational training programs with an international equivalent abroad.

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