Bbva Subordination Agreement

Pay online. If you have a BBVA current account, you can use Bill Pay in your online bank account. To register at the online bank, visit If you use another bank to pay your mortgage, you can use its online banking services to make payments. Contact this bank to see if invoice payment services are available. If your account is late, you can pay online at If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact Loan Payment Assistance at 1-866-681-1662. Yes, you can pay for your new Fiduciary policy, but this may affect your trust. Flood insurance is required if your property is located in a special flood risk zone (as indicated by FEMA). If your property is located in a special flood zone, we will let you know so you can take out flood insurance. Hazard Hazard Hazard Area`s special ©able denominations may change over the life of your loan. You can also contact FEMA, FloodSmart or your local or regional government for more information or to confirm if you are in a special flood zone. .

If you do not have a fiduciary account, you are responsible for paying your property taxes. Please send the payment to your tax office. Please send a copy of the tax bill and/or the insurance statement and request an update to your account. If you want to change your payment, please add a request to update your payment. Send your application and documentation to: For more information about BBVA Compass Credit Cards Click here. An additional invoice is sent only to the owner of the property. As such, you have the responsibility to make this payment directly to the tax authorities. Note: If you have a loan from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), please visit RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing for more details. For more information, visit Payment Options or New Client.

. Your taxes will be paid on or before the expected loss date (late date). If the tax authority grants advance rebates, we will make the payment before the end of the rebate period.

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